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Booklist — Meyer Offers “New Discoveries to Undermine” Science Atheists

David Klinghoffer
Photo: Stephen Meyer, via En Arche Foundation.

We’re now just over two weeks out from the release of Stephen Meyer’s Return of the God Hypothesis. It received a really nice advanced review from Booklist, published by the American Library Association. That’s up now at the book’s Amazon page:

Scientist and philosopher Meyer has discussed intelligent design previously but has not gone as far as he does here in terms of making the case for God. He does so citing new evidence from cosmology, physics, and biology, especially as it applies to DNA research. Meyer knows how to take readers’ hands and lead them through the history before showing how new discoveries can be used to undermine the cases made by anti-design theorists such as Richard Dawkins, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and even Bill Nye the Science Guy. Agree or disagree, there’s lots to ponder here.

Ha, the dart aimed at the celebrity science atheists, those “anti-design theorists” Dawkins, Tyson, and Nye, is satisfying. And consider what it means coming from the American Library Association! Return of the God Hypothesis is out on March 30, but as Steve Meyer says below, there are perks that go with pre-ordering