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C. S. Lewis Society Webinars with Meyer (Tonight!), Behe, Wells, and Ferrer

Photo: Stephen Meyer, by Nathan Jacobson.

With their Cutting Edge webinar series, our friends at the C. S. Lewis Society are doing a service by bringing the brightest minds together to make the case for design in nature. Earlier this month, the society’s Executive Director, Tom Woodward, interviewed Oxford mathematician John Lennox. That was as wonderful as you would expect. You can see it here now if you missed the discussion, explaining “the most compelling new evidence that shows our universe is the result of brilliant design.”

Tonight at 7:30 pm Eastern time, Stephen Meyer talks with Dr. Woodward about Dr. Meyer’s new book, Return of the God Hypothesis. Please register for that here.

Upcoming webinars also sound great, and you are encouraged to join in:

  • Michael Behe, “The Case for Design in Biology,” at 7:30 pm Eastern on April 8. Register here.
  • Jonathan Wells, “Exposing Zombie Science,” at 7:30 pm Eastern on April 22. Register here.
  • Hillary Morgan Ferrer, “How to Destroy a Culture,” at 7:30 pm Eastern on April 29. Register here.

The conversation with Stephen Meyer is part of an online and in-person course, “Darwinism & Intelligent Design.” More information about that is here. Tom Woodward is the organizer of the course and of the Cutting Edge webinar series.