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Join Us to Discuss Biology and Engineering, June 3-5, in Denton, TX

David Klinghoffer

It’s this year’s Conference on Engineering in Living Systems (CELS 2021), an exciting opportunity to meet up and discuss the overlap of two fields that, in reality, go naturally together: biology and engineering. The theory of intelligent design understands living systems to be engineered systems. Engineers, like doctors, therefore have a special role to play in the ID movement: both understand function and what it entails in a deep way that evolutionary biologists don’t. More information about CELS 2021, an application to participate, and a list of topics to be discussed are here.

From the event description:

CELS 2021 brings together leading engineers and biologists in order to: (1) apply engineering principles to better understand biological systems, (2) craft a design-based theoretical framework that explains and predicts the behaviors of living systems, and (3) develop research programs that demonstrate the engineering principles at work in living systems.

The conference will follow a workshop-like format of discussion-oriented sessions in a collegial setting, with a goal of fostering active participation and establishing concrete results and action items.

Yes, this a live, in-person event, not a virtual one, to be held at Camp Copass in Denton, TX. Be sure to apply early because the early bird rate expires on April 8. All meals, and lots of fascinating and productive conversation, are included!