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Metaxas, Meyer: Materialist Moves Are “Desperate and Kind of Pathetic”

God Hypothesis
Photo: Stephen Meyer and Eric Metaxas at the Dallas Conference on Science and Faith, via YouTube.

“Desperate and kind of pathetic,” is how Eric Metaxas delicately characterizes materialist attempts to explain away the three scientific discoveries that together call for an inference to a personal God. As Stephen Meyer explains in his brand new book, out yesterday, Return of the God Hypothesis, those are the discovery that the universe has a beginning, that it was ultra-fine-tuned for life from the start, and that life bears evidence of “bursts of information” infusing what materialists assume to be unguided evolutionary history. Metaxas talked with Meyer in a (what else did you expect?) highly entertaining interview. Watch it now:

David Klinghoffer

Senior Fellow and Editor, Evolution News
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