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Today: With a New Book, Stephen Meyer and Intelligent Design Go on Super-Offense

David Klinghoffer

As Stephen Meyer put it in an interview last week with World Magazine, “The intelligent design movement has been on offense from the beginning.” However today, with the publication of his new book, Return of the God Hypothesis: Three Scientific Discoveries That Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe, Meyer and ID go on super-offense. I would say that’s true in three separate ways. First, and most obviously, the book kicks the ID argument from its past limit in inferring a generic designer upward toward identifying the designer as a personal God. Second, it does this by widening the argument to cover not just the evidence about life’s origin and about the startling information bursts in the history of life but almost the full range of science, including physics and cosmology. Third, ID at its most aggressive so far is also reaching and persuading scientists far beyond our previously known friends.

Take a look at what Brian Keating, a Chancellor’s Distinguished Professor of Physics at U.C. San Diego, has to say, calling the book a “meticulously researched, lavishly illustrated, and thoroughly argued case against the New Atheism.” That’s on top of recognition from Nobel Prize-winning physicist Brian Josephson at Cambridge University, who says “intelligent design is valid science,” from physical chemist Paul Ashby at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory who says Meyer overturns “the claim that the God hypothesis is unscientific,” etc. We’ll be sharing more great comments from leading scientists in days to come. Now that the book is finally here, order yours! While you’re waiting for it to arrive, enjoy this interview with Dr. Meyer by the always entertaining Eric Metaxas: