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New Trailer Out Now — The Paradigm Project

David Klinghoffer
Image: Kutter Callaway, The Paradigm Project, via YouTube (screen shot).

“I think it’s really important now to critique Darwinism on its own terms, on scientific terms. The theory is in a state of crisis. It has been for quite a while. Natural selection explains the survival, but not the arrival, of the fittest.” That’s Stephen Meyer’s comment in the newly released trailer for the half-hour documentary, The Paradigm Project: Intelligent Design, debuting one week from today. You can be the first to see it on Tuesday, May 4, at 7 pm Pacific time, at the Discovery Science channel on YouTube. As I said earlier, it’s intelligent design in a new light, with thoughts from ID scientists — including Douglas Axe and Jonathan Wells —that are more more personal and self-revelatory than I’ve seen before in a form like this.

“This is some pretty mind-blowing stuff,” as host Kutter Callaway says. “So why aren’t we hearing this side of the story on our favorite nature show?” The program’s answer is that an influential paradigm that dominates media and education — the Darwinian paradigm — drowns out other ideas, and that’s why you don’t hear as much as you’d like about design thinking. See the trailer now and join us on May 4: