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No Sweat: When Meyer Debated a Chemist and a Biologist Simultaneously

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Photo: Stephen Meyer in a scene from Science Uprising, via Discovery Institute.

It’s not quite the same as playing two games of chess at once blindfolded — we had a colleague at Discovery Institute who could do that — but I recall one of Stephen Meyer’s bravura performances was to debate a chemist and a biologist simultaneously. The context was a discussion program on an NPR station, Science Studio, hosted by chemist Keith Pannell, a professor at the University of Texas at El Paso, who invited a colleague, biologist Ricardo Bernal, to team up with him against Dr. Meyer. I listened to it again and had to laugh out loud at how Steve, in typical gentlemanly fashion, tied up these two critics of intelligent design in their own words. Enjoy — it’s an episode of ID the FutureDownload the podcast or listen to it here.

Meyer’s new book is Return of the God Hypothesis: Three Scientific Discoveries That Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe. Physical chemist Paul Ashby at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory says Meyer overturns “the claim that the God hypothesis is unscientific.” Find more praise from distinguished scientists here.