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Webinar with John West: “Darwin’s Three Big Ideas That Impacted Humanity”

Photo: John West, by Chris Morgan.

Darwinian theory is a lot more than just an idea in science. Its validity as an explanation of biological origins can be debated, but the reasons it arouses the passion it does go beyond science. Atheist Daniel Dennett was not wrong when he called it “Darwin’s dangerous idea.” Actually, though, as Discovery Institute Vice President and Senior Fellow John West will explain in a Zoom webinar on Thursday, Darwin had three very destructive ideas.

Join Dr. West on April 15 from 4 to 5:30 pm Pacific time for “Darwin’s Three Big Ideas That Impacted Humanity.”

From the event description:

Charles Darwin introduced three “big ideas” that have had catastrophic consequences in human history in terms of theories and policies related to moral relativism, “scientific racism,” eugenics, abortion and infanticide, and atheism. This presentation will uncover the Darwinian undertones seen in modern society.

More information and a link to join is here. No registration is required. The event is sponsored by the Areopagus Forum.