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Our Debt to the Scientific Atheists

David Klinghoffer
Photo: Lawrence Krauss, in Science Uprising, Discovery Institute.

One of the ironies of the conversation between intelligent design advocates and proponents of aggressive scientific atheism is that ID, at its cutting edge, owes a great debt to the atheists. That cutting edge is represented by philosopher of science Stephen Meyer’s new book, Return of the God Hypothesis: Three Scientific Discoveries That Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe

As Dr. Meyer explains, the debt is twofold. First, biologist Richard Dawkins and others have a special talent for framing questions about how science may illuminate the ultimate question we can ask — about life, the universe, and their origin. Dawkins is right that the question about God’s existence is also a question about science, and can be adjudicated as such. Second, it was a debate with cosmologist Lawrence Krauss that prompted Meyer to look more deeply into the evidence of physics and cosmology. That allowed him to draw those fields into the argument he had previously developed from biology which, in turn, permitted extending the case for intelligent design, in a generic sense, to the case for a personal God. So, everyone who cares about the most important mystery that humans can ever consider should say “Thank you!” to Dawkins, Krauss, and their associates. Watch: