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Physicist Eric Hedin: The Challenge from Thermodynamics to an Unguided Origin of Life

Photo: Eric Hedin, by Tina Hedin.

On a new ID the Future episode, host Eric Anderson sits down with Canceled Science author and physicist Eric Hedin to discuss Hedin’s new book and, in particular, the book’s take on the origin-of-life problem. Download the podcast or listen to it here.

Hedin says the second law of thermodynamics poses a serious problem for the idea of a mindless origin of the first single-celled organism from prebiotic materials. Such an event would have involved a breathtaking increase in new information, and physics tells us pretty clearly that mindless nature degrades information; it doesn’t create it. Are there workarounds? Listen as he explains why he’s not optimistic. And grab a copy of his new book to get his extended take. 

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