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Meyer: Materialism’s “Wild West of Weirdo Explanations”

David Klinghoffer
Photo: Stephen Meyer, via Discovery Institute.

I was a little bit surprised to learn that Stephen Meyer sat down with The Babylon Bee to talk about his new book. There aren’t a lot of jokes in Return of the God Hypothesis — if any. As Dr. Meyer notes in his conversation with editor-in-chief Kyle Mann and creative director Ethan Nicolle, when he tells jokes to his kids, he often feels a need to follow up by explaining why the aforementioned jokes are funny. So…this was not an interview pairing that came immediately to mind as entirely natural. 

Still, as you’ll see, Meyer is a good sport and fun is had. The truth is that the multiverse theory, one target of his book, does beg for a parodist’s touch, which it obtains here. Materialist scientific ideas in general, laboring to evade an inference to theism, can seem ludicrous. Meyer tells the folks from the Bee:

It’s not only that theism provides the best explanation for the range of evidences but also that the scientific materialists, in order to explain these things, have had to resort to very exotic explanations that are ad hoc and convoluted in the Occam’s razor sense of postulating multiple purely theoretical explanatory entities. So it’s a Wild West of weirdo explanations out there now to account for what theism accounts for very simply.

As one YouTube commenter observers, “Ethan and Kyle’s faces are pretty funny as Meyer is explaining multiverse theory.” Indeed. Watch and enjoy now: