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Watch: Bechly and Swamidass Debate Intelligent Design

Photo source: YouTube (screen shot).

Radio and podcast host Justin Brierley had an inspired idea to match our paleontologist colleague Günter Bechly for a debate about intelligent design with Washington University computational biologist Joshua Swamidass. It’s a very interesting, illuminating, and entertaining conversation. I won’t offer an assessment beyond that because I really want you to watch the whole thing. One highlight, though, is Dr. Bechly’s summation near the beginning of his scientific reasons for affirming intelligent design. This “cumulative” case, as Bechly puts it, produces the response from Brierley: “Wow.” Bechly appears to be having a delightful time and I trust the same was true of Dr. Swamidass. It’s below on YouTube, or you can find it as a podcast at the Unbelievable? website.