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Meyer: “Can Natural Selection Explain the Origin of Life?”

David Klinghoffer
Photo credit: Ricardo Cruz via Unsplash.

So there’s this absented-minded philosopher of science walking down the street, head in the clouds, not looking where he’s going. He falls into a hole from which he’s unable to extricate himself. What does he do? If only he had a ladder. Inspiration strikes! He realizes he’s got a ladder in the garage, so he goes home, gets the ladder, returns to the hole and leaps in, and then climbs out of the hole thanks to the ladder.

What’s wrong with this story? Stephen Meyer explains in a sample class from his 42-part DiscoveryU course, “Stephen Meyer Investigates Scientific Evidence for Intelligent Design.” The subject is theories of the origin life that combine chance and necessity. Meyer asks, “Can Pre-Biotic Natural Selection Explain the Origin of Life?” Watch and consider signing up for this great educational opportunity by going here