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New Episode of “Long Story” Tackles the Origin of Life — Live Premiere on August 17

Image source: Discovery Institute.

Homology, whale evolution, antibiotic resistance, and more. These are some of the subjects, sacred to Darwinists, that receive unique treatment from our animated “Long Story Short” series. Clever, humorous, substantive, brief, “Long Story” now turns its attention to the origin of life — a most uncomfortable riddle for proponents of materialism. 

Episode 4, “The Basic Building Blocks & the Origin of Life,” will premiere on Tuesday, August 17, at 6 pm Pacific time/9 pm Eastern, on YouTube. It’s just a little over 10 minutes long. You can participate in a live discussion with other viewers, including two scientists with Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture, geologist Casey Luskin and physicist Brian Miller. Dr. Miller has been one of our leading debaters on the subject, interacting with fellow physicist Jeremy England and others on the topic. Dr. Luskin, of course, needs no introduction.

According to a bedtime story popular with materialists, unguided forces alone can explain the coming into existence of the very first cell. Supposedly, this has been demonstrated through lab research, where under certain circumstances, life’s “building blocks” spontaneously arise. Much is left out, though, from that claim, including the need for intelligent guidance from researchers — aka, intelligent design — to produce the results that are then heralded in biology textbooks and the popular media. In this episode, “Long Story” poses two questions:

  • “How do these lab experiments compare to reality?”
  • “How close do these building blocks get us to life?”

The new episode of “Long Story” is the first in a series that will address, and gently lampoon, some widespread assertions about abiogenesis. Join us next Tuesday to learn, discuss, and enjoy! Find the premiere right here at Evolution News: