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For Dr. Casey Luskin, a New Online Home — And a New Book!

Photo: Casey Luskin in South Africa.

One of the highlights of the past year was the return of our friend and colleague Casey Luskin. Dr. Luskin had left Discovery Institute to pursue a PhD in geology at the University of Johannesburg. In South Africa, he investigated paleomagnetism and plate tectonics, but was able to devote time as well to the topic of human origins — in just the right place to do so. Doctorate in hand, the scientist and attorney rejoined the Center for Science & Culture in the role of Associate Director. For his writing, speaking, teaching, and advocacy, both about science and about the law, he has many fans. They will be delighted to learn that Casey has a new online home —

Beautifully designed by Nathan Jacobson, the website highlights Luskin’s books, videos, articles, and more. There is an impressive biography, which I will not try to summarize other than to say that while I know Casey well, there’s a bunch of items in his bio that I was not aware of. One thing we have not discussed publicly before now is his next book, co-edited with William Dembski and Joseph Holden, The Comprehensive Guide to Science and Faith: Exploring the Ultimate Questions About Life and the Cosmos.

The new book is a very substantial contribution to the ID literature. It’s due out NEXT WEEK, October 5, and you can pre-order now. With 45+ chapters by top scientists and scholars, it covers a very broad range of subjects but all in a concise manner that makes it perfect as a reference or a textbook. Chemist James Tour at Rice University calls it a “heroic encyclopedic work,” and rightly so. You’ll be hearing more about it here, and from the author and editor himself, in coming weeks. Congratulations, Casey!