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Science Uprising — Returning for Season 2 on September 15

Image source: Discovery Institute.

Get ready this fall for a new season of Science Uprising. The fast-paced, edgy series on science and its implications originally premiered on YouTube in 2019. To date, its videos have drawn more than 2.2 million views.

Season 2 is scheduled to begin on September 15 and will include four new episodes, to be released over several months.

The first new episode will look at what science says about the beginning of the universe. Another episode will investigate explosions of new animal forms throughout the history of life. A third episode will will critique the fossil evidence for human evolution, and a final episode will tackle the claim that artificial intelligence will make humans obsolete. 

Scientists appearing in Season 2 include Oxford University mathematician John Lennox, geologist Casey Luskin, physicist Brian Miller, engineer Robert Marks, philosopher of science Stephen Meyer, and biologists Jonathan Wells, Günter Bechly, and Richard Sternberg. Bonus interviews as well as links to additional materials will be available on the series’ website,

“These Are FIRE!” 

The series has generated more than 52,000 “likes” and thousands of positive comments on YouTube, including:

  • “These are FIRE! Thanks for making them.”
  • “This video got me so pumped… It’s like a trailer for a movie almost.”
  • “Wish I had these in college!” 
  • “This makes the information more accessible than long lectures with indecipherable words.” 

Science Uprising is the brainchild of cinematographer David Arabia and Discovery Institute Senior Fellows John West and Jonathan Witt; and for Season 2, Evolution News Editor David Klinghoffer has joined the team as well. The original season was created by a network of young professionals in the TV industry who have worked on productions for the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic Wild, Animal Planet, Fox News, and similar media outlets.

If you haven’t seen the first season’s episodes of Science Uprising, you can watch them at