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Comparing Intelligent Design and the New Atheists: Who’s Ahead?

Photo: Casey Luskin, by Brian Gage.

On a new episode of ID the Future, geologist Casey Luskin talks with host Robert Crowther about the fate of the New Atheist movement, increasingly overtaken now by what we’ve called the New New Atheist movement. Dr. Luskin makes the interesting observation that the New Atheists (aka the Old New Atheists) took off initially following the Dover ruling, seemingly fueled by it, with the publication by Richard Dawkins of his bestseller The God Delusion. Indeed, much of the Dawkins crowd’s crowing sounded very much like the post-Dover jubilations of the evolutionists. There’s much demographic overlap, too. Given that, it’s appropriate to ask: Who has come out ahead so far, the intelligent design community or the New Atheists? To find out the answer, download the podcast or listen it here.

Oh, and if you’ve missed checking out Casey’s brand new website, you can find that here.