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Melissa Cain Travis: Explaining the Uncanny “Cosmic Resonance” of Mathematics

David Klinghoffer
Image: Pythagoras, via Wikimedia Commons.

We are starting to release video selections from the 2021 Dallas Science & Faith Conference. Up first is Melissa Cain Travis, author of Science and the Mind of the Maker. This is a very fresh and creative presentation asking about the unnatural “cosmic resonance,” as she calls it, that exists between the mathematical order underlying the universe and the qualities of our own minds that allow us to understand that order. We take this for granted, but it really is uncanny and demands an explanation. Travis considers the history of Western thinking from Pythagoras and the pre-Socratic philosophers to Philo of Alexandria and onward. She asks whether theism or naturalism is better equipped to provide the needed explanation. Watch it now: