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Meyer: No Escape from a Mind Behind the Universe

Image source: Science Uprising.

Cosmologists of an atheist disposition have been seeking an escape hatch from the implications of the Big Bang. The universe, and physics itself, had a beginning. Which sounds like…what?

The quest has gone on for decades. The new episode of Science Uprising, “Big Bang: Something from Nothing?”, poses the dilemma in a brief and edgy manner. It’s very effective, but after watching you may find yourself hungering for a deeper examination of the relevant questions. Along with mathematician John Lennox and physicist Brian Miller, philosopher of science Stephen Meyer is one of the expert scholars featured in the episode. Now in a bonus video, he gives that deeper look at the issues in physics and cosmology that demand, as he puts it in the title of his recent USA Today bestseller, a Return of the God Hypothesis. Alas for science atheists like Lawrence Krauss, Sean Carroll, and Stephen Hawking, there’s no escape from a Mind behind the universe. Enjoy: