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Monkey Bias: New Science Uprising Episode Out Now!

Photo credit: Daniel Hansen via Unsplash.

Just about every type of perversity has been committed under the banner of what the new Science Uprising episode, premiering today at 12 pm Pacific time, calls the “monkey bias.” Properly considered, we are told, human beings are just a species of chimpanzee anyway. Since humans and apes are such close relatives, hardly distinguishable, it’s only natural that we should behave and treat each other like animals. 

The new episode, “Human Evolution: The Monkey Bias,” replies as only Science Uprising can. Geologist Casey Luskin and biologist Jonathan Wells are featured, and Luskin will participate in the simultaneous video chat on YouTube. Get your questions and challenges ready for Dr. Luskin. The premiere is just six hours away, which is also 3 pm Eastern. Enjoy it right here: