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Stephen Meyer, Eric Metaxas: Are Atheists Gaslighting Us?

Photo source: The Eric Metaxas Radio Show (screenshot).

Stephen Meyer and Eric Metaxas talked about their respective new books — Return of the God Hypothesis and Is Atheism Dead? The two are in agreement about a great deal, and in fact Eric in his book employs arguments for intelligent design developed by Meyer and other ID theorists, with full credit. But one interesting question where they don’t quite overlap emerges in the conversation. Metaxas gently chides Dr. Meyer for his graciousness to opponents in the world of scientific atheism. Eric raises the question of whether the atheists are gaslighting us — given how absurd their defenses against theism seem to be. He notes directed panspermia and the multiverse as illustrations. 

This suggests to Metaxas that the proper response, even to distinguished scientists like the late Steven Weinberg or Stephen Hawking, is laughter and ridicule, not respectful engagement. It’s an idea…but I come down more on Steve Meyer’s side on this one. Not because I’m persuaded that there is an obligation always to be winsome. There’s a time for peace and a time for war, after all. But if the objective is to persuade and enlighten, then you have to take opponents’ ideas seriously, present them in their strongest and most sophisticated form, and then dismantle them, as Meyer does in his book. That aside, it’s an entertaining and illuminating episode of The Eric Metaxas Radio Show. Metaxas is a great host and interlocutor, as always. You’ll find it here.

David Klinghoffer

Senior Fellow and Editor, Evolution News
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