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“Stuck in the Late 19th Century”: Andrew Klavan, Stephen Meyer on Scientific Atheism

Photo: Andrew Klavan, by Embutler, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons.

Stephen Meyer was on The Andrew Klavan Show to talk about Return of the God Hypothesis. Klavan observes that atheism hasn’t yet made the transition from the 20th to the 21st century. Meyer gently differs, offering that it is really “stuck in the late 19th century,” with Darwin and Marx. Freud comes along a little later, of course. However, the three are largely responsible for elaborating the outlook that sought to replace the Western theistic view with a system of thought that, in its own way, answered fundamental questions about human origins, the human future, and what to do about the persistent sense of human guilt. in his book, Meyer shows how scientifically outdated that atheist picture of reality truly is.

Klavan is persuaded. He and and Meyer were both impressed by the candor of atheist philosopher Thomas Nagel, cited in Meyer’s work, who praises theorists of intelligent design but prefers not to follow where they go. Why? Because as Nagel explains, he doesn’t want there to be a design behind nature. That is quite the admission. Other atheists, including atheist scientists, are not as honest with themselves, or as candid with their audiences. This very interesting conversation starts at about 1:08 over at The Daily Wire.