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Günter Bechly: Why the Fossil Record Points to Intelligent Design

Photo: Chrismooreia michaelbehei, a fossil dragonfly species, 191 million years old, named in honor of ID scientist Michael Behe, by Günter Bechly.

After studying the literature of intelligent design, German paleontologist Günter Bechly became a Darwin doubter. For that offense he was pushed out of the State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart, turned into an unperson by Wikipedia, and received other penalties that Darwinists have in their power to make scientists afraid and keep them in line. 

But that was in many ways a win for the broader discussion about biological origins, with Dr. Bechly emerging as one of the effective, lucid, and persuasive evolution critics and debaters around. His subject is the fossil record, why it fails to match evolutionary expectations, and instead points to design. He appeared in the recent Science Uprising episode, “Fossils: Mysterious Origins,” and now you can watch a bonus video where Bechly at greater length can go into much more detail. He covers how “a lightbulb went on” for him about Darwinism, the fatal waiting time problem, why the ballyhooed extended synthesis fails to save the day for evolution, and more. 

As he argues in the new video, life’s history as revealed by paleontology can be reconciled with common descent. But it cannot be reconciled with the specific Darwinian thesis of gradual, unguided evolution, without the numerous saltations and “explosions” that are not supposed to happen. The latter can only explained by admitting the possibility of intelligent direction. If you missed the new Science Uprising episode, see it here: