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New Episode of Long Story Short — Is the Origin of Biopolymers a Snap?

Image source: Long Story Short.

Biopolymers are what DNA, RNA, and proteins are built from. Life couldn’t exist without them. Hence, as the sly new Long Story Short episode proposes, they are “kind of important.” Do you think so? From the statements of certain origin-of-life scientists, getting life’s building blocks to string together appropriately under the conditions of the early Earth, without intelligent guidance, would have been pretty much of a snap for nature to accomplish. Or is it trickier than the scientists imagine, more akin to “hiding your tuna fish sandwich in a room full of cats”?

The episode, “Challenge to Origin of Life: Biopolymers,” premieres Tuesday, November 30, at 6 pm Pacific time — that’s tomorrow! — right here and on YouTube. Discovery Institute physicist Brian Miller and geologist Casey Luskin will host a discussion during the premiere event. Join us for the fun and learn whether the OOL researchers are overly confident, or whether intelligent design must have played a crucial role in getting biology started. Watch the trailer above. While you wait, you can check out past LSS entries and also enjoy the Science Uprising episode “Origin of Life: Intelligence Required,” with chemist James Tour, that handles related questions in a very different but also delightful manner:

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