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New Science Uprising Episode Asks, “Just How Bad Is the Fossil Record for Darwin’s Theory?”

Photo source: Science Uprising.

If you ask a traditional Darwinian evolutionist for the very best evidence of his theory, he will almost certainly say that evidence comes from paleontology. Fossils surely demonstrate the truth of Darwinism. Don’t they? 

Not so fast, as paleontologist Günter Bechly, geologist Casey Luskin, biologist Richard Sternberg, and philosopher of science Stephen Meyer explain. The masked narrator of Science Uprising series asks, “Just how bad is the fossil record for Darwin’s theory?” The answer is that, with all the jumps and explosions, the abrupt transitions and rapid developments of form where Darwin and his followers expected only slow change, the fossil record is nothing less than awful for evolution. It’s simply not what Darwinian theory would have expected. As University of Pittsburgh anthologist and evolutionist Jeffrey Schwartz has put it, “We are still in the dark about the origin of most major groups of organisms. They appear in the fossil record as Athena did from the head of Zeus — full-blown and raring to go, in contradiction to Darwin’s depiction of evolution as resulting from the gradual accumulation of countless infinitesimally minute variations.” 

The fossil record is not a good match with Darwinian thinking. But as Bechly, Luskin, Sternberg, and Meyer explain, it makes a strong pairing with intelligent design. Join us on Wednesday to be the first to see the new episode, here and on YouTube, where Dr. Luskin will participate in a simultaneous online discussion. It’s just under 10 minutes long. Oh, and wait for the Bechly mic drop moment. You will enjoy this: