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On Thanksgiving, Support the Scientific Defense of Common Sense

Photo credit: Markus Spiske, via Unsplash.

I’ve been rereading George Orwell’s dystopian 1984, and there is so much there that reminds me of our situation today, from ruthlessly suppressed information, to screens that spy on you, to shortages of needed supplies, and much more. In the novel, the power of the ruling Party is supreme as it manipulates thoughts and emotions — much as our mainstream media and Big Tech rule over us.

The Party’s aim? “The heresy of heresies was common sense,” Orwell writes. “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.” As it is today. A friend joked the other day that when it comes to certain politicized medical and public health questions, he “only trusts anecdotal evidence.” Meaning, he trusts stories he hears from friends and other people he personally knows — since information about science is so obviously being manipulated.

“It’s not very scientific of me,” my friend admitted. True, but there’s something to it, anyway. In the context of the evolution debate, we’ve known for years that you can’t simply trust what the Party tells you. Through their influence over Big Tech, Darwin proponents have largely captured the social and mainstream media. By using algorithms that operate unseen in popular Internet search engines, they suppress information they don’t like, especially if it matches what common sense suggests.

Boosting Wikipedia’s Disinformation

I have been appealing to you, the more than a million readers of Evolution News, which I edit, for your support, at any level. Look up important questions about biological and cosmic origins on your favorite search engine and you will find the Orwellian distortion and disinformation of Wikipedia boosted right to the top, while far more reliable sources are pushed down. The scientists who write for Evolution News are those sources. They are the friends you can trust.

The good news is that we have a tool of our own, and it’s called paid promotion. On the Internet, it really works. However, it is very expensive. And that is why I am calling on you to help us expand our online voice. It was gratifying yesterday to see how our colleagues and friends Stephen Meyer, Eric Hedin, William Dembski, and Casey Luskin were recognized for their work by World Magazine. It is the writing of scholars like these, providers of what World calls “Accessible Science,” that needs the widest possible circulation.

The Universal Design Intuition

Another ID scientist and Evolution News author, Douglas Axe, has written, in his book Undeniable, about what he calls the Universal Design Intuition. It says that “Tasks that we would need knowledge to accomplish can be accomplished only by someone who has that knowledge.” That’s a controversial statement today, because of its implications about intelligent design. He describes research by psychologists at U.C. Berkeley and Boston University who are uncomfortable with the thought that “even children brought up by atheists” are burdened by this intuition. Academic psychologists are trying to come up with ways to train children to suppress their intuition. Big Tech could provide some helpful hints.

Giving adults and young people around the world the tools to maintain their intuition against the rule of the Party and its media is the task of the scientists who write for Evolution News

Please help us protect and project those honest voices by giving what you can now. If you do, I can offer you a free download of the 37-page report Darwin’s Cancel Culture. For Thanksgiving, please show your own gratitude — which I emphatically share! — for nothing less than the scientific defense of common sense!