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A Plea to Parents: Don’t “Butt Out” of Your Kids’ Education

Photo credit: Kelly Sikkema, via Unsplash.

On a new episode of ID the Future, host Robert Crowther sits down with writer Andrew McDiarmid to talk about his recent New York Post op-ed, “Word to the Wise: Progressives Forget that Parents are in Charge of Kids’ Education.” The two discuss recent dustups in the news in which parents were told to butt out of the public education of their children. This is profoundly wrongheaded, for a variety of reasons, McDiarmid argues. McDiarmid, a Discovery Institute Senior Fellow, advocates for greater parental involvement, rather than less, and he and Crowther apply the principle to the narrower question of how evolution is taught in the public high schools.

In many districts evolutionary theory is taught as unquestionable dogma, with none of the theory’s weaknesses presented, and no attempt to encourage critical inquiry into the matter. Parents, students, and education leaders should never settle for this, McDiarmid says. He and Crowther wrap up the conversation by pointing listeners to several quality educational resources, many of them online, to help parents, students, and educators. Download the podcast or listen to it here.