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Christmas Thought — Intelligent Design Is Good News that Brings Hope

Photo: Seattle's Denny Park at Christmas, by SDOT Photos.

I am sitting here listening to Christmas songs as old as I am. Doesn’t anyone write new Christmas songs? Christmas is a story that deserves to be told over and over, in as many ways as possible, because it is good news and brings hope.

The news about intelligent design needs to be told over and over also. It too is good news and brings hope. People need to know that there is evidence that points toward an intelligent designer for the universe, for the first life, for the incredible diversity of species, and for our existence as rational beings capable of studying all of this. Our existence is not the result of blind purposeless accidents, and we are more than fancy animals.

Evolution News has been dedicated to sharing this news for more than 15 years now, bringing fresh insights, and careful analysis of current science news having to do with evolution and intelligent design, and related social issues. Essays by numerous scholars have appeared here: Michael Behe, Stephen Meyer, David Berlinski, Günter Bechly, Richard Sternberg, Douglas Axe, Casey Luskin, Michael Egnor, Michael Flannery, John West, Jonathan Wells, Jay Richards, myself, and many others. The man holding it all together is David Klinghoffer — without him Evolution News would not be the same.

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