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Watch: Kid Explains Intelligent Design to His Dad

Image credit: Nogas1974 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

Over the past weekend at our Dallas Conference on Science and Faith, YouTube video producer Joel Park let us know about this: a video with his son Tor in which the young gentleman walks his dad through a detailed account of the arguments in Stephen Meyer’s Signature in the Cell. Get ready to be impressed. The kid is 14 years old and it seems clear that he’s got a future ahead of him as a communicator. The father-son rapport is very cute, too. They cover, among other things, what distinguishes intelligent design from creationism, what information is and what forms it takes, what that has to do with DNA, what’s the difference between a deduction and an inference, the RNA World theory, panspermia, the multiverse, and more. The lucidity of the younger individual’s grasp of ID, his ability to concisely explain it, is quite something. Tor could probably help out in tutoring some adult ID critics I can think of. Watch this: