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Meyer, Wallace: Return of the God Hypothesis — The Book…and the Movie!

Image source: Discovery Institute.

Stephen Meyer did a very informative two-part interview with host Eric Wallace about Return of the God Hypothesis. Dr. Wallace jokes, “When I read the title it reminded me of the Star Wars film, Return of the Jedi. I was wondering, ‘Should I wait for the movie to come out?’” Actually, now that you mention it, says Meyer, “a theatrical release documentary is being made about the book. We hope to have that released sometime next year, early 2023.” Obviously, that is going to be quite interesting and while I was aware it, this may be the first public tip of the hat by Dr. Meyer. Even so, don’t wait for the movie to come out! 😉 

Anyway, find Part 1 of the interview with Wallace here:

And Part 2 here: