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Question for Abortion Advocates: How Many Fingers Does a Pregnant Woman Have?

Photo credit: pure julia via Unsplash.

I have emphasized in writing here that the biological nature of a child in the womb is not controversial. Life begins at conception, and from that moment an individual human being exists in the womb. Whether this tiny innocent human being is a person with a right to life is, sadly, a genuine matter of debate in our rotting culture. But the nature of the intrauterine life — the new human being — is established science. There is no real debate — there are merely people who tell the truth about it, and people who don’t . 

The fact that a zygote is a human being is easy to see. For example, if human life begins at some time after conception — at viability, for instance — then a natural question arises: from a scientific viewpoint, what is the tissue in the mother’s womb before it becomes a human being? It isn’t a non-human species, because if it were, then speciation by evolution would occur with each pregnancy, which is nonsense. It isn’t an unclassified lump of biomolecules, because if it is, then each pregnancy becomes a new origin of life event. And it isn’t a part of the mother’s body, because if it is, then all pregnant women are genetic mosaics and half of all pregnant women are hermaphrodites! Furthermore, if maternal “tissue” turns into a new human being, then humans reproduce like worms do — by budding.

How Many Eyes, Arms, Etc.

It gets worse for the pro-abortion argument. If a fetus is just a part of his/her mother’s body, then it is incorrect to say that pregnant women have two eyes, two arms, two legs, ten fingers. If a fetus is part of the mother’s body, then a pregnant woman has four eyes, four arms, four legs, and twenty fingers! And at the moment when the fetus becomes a separate human being, she loses two of her eyes and half of her appendages!

The assertion by pro-abortion advocates that life does not begin at conception is nonsense on it’s face. There are undoubtedly many laypeople who honestly don’t understand the biological issues, but the same can’t be said of biologists and other knowledgeable scientists who persist in spreading misinformation that is lethal to millions of innocent human beings. 

Denial of the humanity of children in the womb from the moment of conception is the most lethal form of science denial in our culture today. The humanity of all children in the womb from the moment of conception is an established scientific fact. The real abortion debate is this: are all human beings, including the most innocent and most vulnerable children, persons with rights, including the right to life?