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A Paleontologist Explains Intelligent Design to You

Photo: Günter Bechly in a scene from the documentary Revolutionary, via Discovery Institute.

It’s been an interesting day. Taking the bus into Seattle earlier I witnessed, and videoed, what was very nearly a physical attack on the driver. A young man in the back complained that his stop had been skipped. The driver replied brusquely. The rider came right up to him, where I was sitting a few feet away, with threats and verbal abuse, looking ready to tear aside the plastic Covid shield. The driver then adopted an appeasing tone, and the passenger disembarked.

I mention this only because from barbarism it was such a relief to turn to brilliant and civil discourse. I just finished watching a terrific conversation with our paleontologist colleague Günter Bechly, conducted by a personable UK-based interviewer with a physics background, identified only as Mr. Beling:

It’s an hour and a half long but moves very quickly. Mr. Beling, who it occurs to me is about the same age as the angry bus rider, gives Dr. Bechly time to introduce intelligent design, first from a paleontological perspective but broadening to cover the entire field. Some evolutionists present the fossil record as the very best evidence for Darwinism. But the pattern of geologically sudden explosions of novelty — biological “big bangs” — fits an ID paradigm much better. Bechly describes the species pair challenge, the waiting time problem, and much more that Darwinists can’t explain. This is followed by a series of thoughtful questions from the host.

Bechly concludes with why he rejects young earth creationism and how a search for truth led him from atheism to theism. It’s a wonderful presentation of ID. After the bus ride I needed to have my palate cleansed, and this did it for me. Thank you, gentlemen.