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Invitation to Jason Rosenhouse: Respond to Dembski

Photo: William Dembski, via Discovery Institute.

William Dembski has now finished reviewing the new book from Cambridge University Press, The Failures of Mathematical Anti-Evolutionism, by Dr. Dembski’s fellow mathematician Jason Rosenhouse. I decided to ask Dr. Rosenhouse if he would be willing to reply in turn at Evolution News. Here’s the email I will send him shortly:

Dear Jason,

Your new book caught the attention of my Discovery Institute colleague Bill Dembski. We have been publishing his review of it serially at Evolution News, which I edit. Now that that’s done, as your time permits, I wanted to cordially invite you to respond to his review in the same forum, at whatever length you think is appropriate, without editorial interference. Since Dembski’s work is covered and critiqued extensively in your book, as he notes, I hope you will accept the offer, while giving me a reply to the invitation that I can share with our readers, whom I’ve alerted about this prospect for dialogue.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Nothing is more clarifying than reasoned argument, as Professor Rosenhouse appears to agree in his book. Now let’s find out what he will say.

Update: See “Rosenhouse Roundup.”

David Klinghoffer

Senior Fellow and Editor, Evolution News
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