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Berlinski, Metaxas in NYC: What Is a Human Being?

Image credit: Henri Rousseau, via Wikimedia Commons.

The issues involved in the evolution debate — biological origins, human origins, human exceptionalism, intelligent design in life’s history versus the materialist theory of unguided Darwinian processes — derive their interest and importance largely from one question: What is a human being? If Darwinists are right, we are no more than another beast in the jungle. And you can expect about as much from us. Check out our current national culture to see the consequences of that idea being unfurled. If design proponents are correct, we are supremely more than beasts, at least potentially. “A little lower than the angels,” as the Psalmist said.

David Berlinski and Eric Metaxas will tackle the issue directly in what sounds like it will be a fantastic event in New York City on November 1. It’s a Socrates in the City public discussion at the Union League Club, devoted to the exploration of human nature. Philosopher, skeptic, and wit, Dr. Berlinski is the author most recently of the book Human Nature. He and Eric Metaxas are both hilarious in very different ways, so if you can make it, this will be a most entertaining evening. Tickets are on sale here. The price is not bad considering that the Club is quite the posh venue. Gentlemen, don’t forget your coat and tie if you wish to be admitted.