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Laufmann, Medved: The Challenge to Darwinism from the Human Body

Photo credit: Braden Collum via Unsplash.

On today’s ID the Future, radio host Michael Medved spotlights Your Designed Body, the new book from Discovery Institute Press by systems engineer Steve Laufmann and physician Howard Glicksman. Laufmann joins Medved to offer an overview of the book and to explain why he sees the human body as not only designed but designed by a master engineer, light years ahead of our best human engineers. Laufmann says that the human body is an interdependent system of systems that poses grave challenges for the Darwinian mechanism of gradual evolution by natural selection. But more than this, when the human body is studied using well-established engineering principles, we find that it anticipates numerous advanced engineering concepts and techniques. What about aspects of the human body that are said to be badly designed or vestigial? Laufmann touches on that in the interview, but to read his extended rebuttal, get your copy of the book here. Download the podcast or listen to it here.

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