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Our Education Isn’t Free: Let’s Say “Thank You!” for It Together

Image credit: Georges Jansoone (JoJan), CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons.

Editing the online journal you’re reading now has been an education for me — for me and some 1.2 million+ other people who read Evolution News. Let me be frank: I’m not a scientist. I don’t hold a PhD. Few journalists do. Like you, probably, I’m a science consumer. And the science and scholarship that matter most to me is the scholarship that changes my picture of ultimate reality. No subject of scientific writing could be more significant for that picture than the debate between evolution and intelligent design.

Won’t you please join me in saying “Thank you!” for our education? You can do that here by giving to keep Evolution News going strong in the next year.

Scientists and Heroes

One of the questionable aspects of the Internet and online life is that it trains us in the impression that information, and education, are free. They are not! Nothing is free, my friends. It is our generous supporters who make our — your — education at Evolution News possible. 

Whether we are young or old, students or professionals, Discovery Institute scientists and scholars are our teachers. Writers for Evolution News include Stephen Meyer, Günter Bechly, Casey Luskin, Brian Miller, Jonathan Wells, Emily Reeves, Ann Gauger, Michael Egnor, John West, Michael Behe, Paul Nelson, David Berlinski, Granville Sewell, and more. In turn, the staff of Discovery Institute makes their work possible. Unlike the professors at your local university, our scientists have taken grave risks in order to do what they do. In that respect, they’re not only teachers but heroes. And the culture — including, most likely, those professors at your local university — is working hard to cancel them, to punish those who look objectively at biological origins and find evidence of design.

Please say thank you now by giving here to the Center for Science & Culture, which supports this publication.

A Ship in a Violent Sea

Again speaking personally, you may wonder what an editor does. Correct typos? That’s the trivial part of it. A publication like this can be compared to a sailing ship. The editor is the fellow at the rudder trying to navigate the ship each day in a direction of value to readers. The culture out there is the violent waves and angry winds that oppose us, and would plunge us to the bottom of the sea if they could. I know that well. There would be no ship at all if it weren’t for our donors. Please join them today!

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