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Let’s Thank the Scientists Who Uplift Us

Photo: Pillars of Creation, by NASA, ESA, CSA, STScI; Joseph DePasquale (STScI), Anton M. Koekemoer (STScI), Alyssa Pagan (STScI).

As the editor of Evolution News, I see the work we do here with an eye that others don’t. I’m the first to enjoy and benefit from the writing of Discovery Institute scientists and scholars. I see it all, without exception, and I am consistently amazed and impressed.

As we approach the end of the year, I’m writing this because I think you likely share some of my wonder and my gratitude. The work of our scientists (of whom I’m not one) daily advances the recognition of intelligent design in nature. Won’t you please take a moment to add your support with a donation to the Center for Science & Culture?

Each of our science writers brings his or her own unique gifts to this endeavor. One, whom I’m thinking of very fondly right now, is retiring soon and will be sorely missed. This a biologist with the soul of a poet, and a beautiful writer. That’s highly unusual.

But as I said, each of our scientists brings a special gift to this important effort of ours. Please support them now by going here.

Many scientists, receiving vast support from taxpayers, are content with busying themselves in sifting dry technical details, of no apparent consequence for our lives. Others seek to teach a corrosive materialist picture of reality. They do terrible damage in our culture.

The scientists I have the privilege of knowing and working with receive nothing from the government. The are also the objects of would-be censorship from media and powerful forces in the science establishment. Undeterred, they labor to uplift and inspire us, lucidly explaining the evidence that our universe bears an imprint of purpose and meaning. They share this evidence daily with our 1.2 million readers, who share it with the world.

Please join me now by offering your own thanks to them with a donation of any size. Thank you!