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Postscript: “Professor Dave” and His Attack on Me

Photo: Dave Farina, via YouTube.

Yesterday I concluded my lengthy response to “Professor Dave” (aka Mr. Dave Farina) and his attack on Stephen Meyer and Darwin’s Doubt. See here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Farina has meanwhile also published a YouTube video responding to my earlier article series, which debunked his video against Casey Luskin. However, he failed to refute any of my substantial points and ignored that I already addressed most of his shallow arguments in my published articles and public presentations. Otherwise, he just spills his usual poison with rude ad hominems, falsehoods, misinformation, and red herrings. It is quite obvious that his delicate ego was hurt by my factual destruction of his sloppy propaganda nonsense. 

While it was an affair of honor to defend others, I personally do not consider Farina to be a worthy opponent. Therefore, I will certainly not waste further precious time to respond to his silly new hit piece, but will instead follow the good Internet practice of not feeding the trolls unnecessarily. Of course, I do appreciate the welcome additional publicity that he is drawing to my work on ID theory with his channel. I also find it very revealing that guys like this have nothing more substantial to offer. We must be onto something!