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Stephen Meyer and Company Answer Questions about Science and Faith

Photo: Stephen Meyer and Vern Poythress, by Discovery Institute, via YouTube.

On a new episode of ID the Future, philosopher of science Stephen Meyer, theologian Vern Poythress, engineer Stuart Burgess, and biologist Jonathan McLatchie answer questions about science and faith posed at the recent Westminster Conference on Science and Faith. The session is moderated by Discovery Institute Vice President John West, and the conference jointly sponsored by Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture and Westminster Theological Seminary. Download the podcast or listen to it here.

Panelists: Dr. Stuart Burgess has held academic posts at Bristol University (UK) and Cambridge University (UK), and published over 180 scientific publications on the science of design in engineering and biology. He also has received many national and international awards for design, including from the Minister of State for Trade and Industry in the UK. In 2019 he was given the UK’s top mechanical engineer award. Rev. Dr. Vern Poythress (PhD, Harvard; DTh, Stellenbosch) is distinguished professor of New Testament, biblical interpretation, and systematic theology at Westminster Theological Seminary. His books include Redeeming ScienceRedeeming MathematicsChance and the Sovereignty of God, and Redeeming Philosophy. Dr. Stephen C. Meyer received his PhD in the philosophy of science from the University of Cambridge. A former geophysicist and college professor, he now directs Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture. His books include Return of the God Hypothesis, the New York Times bestseller Darwin’s Doubt, and Signature in the Cell, named a Book of the Year by the Times Literary Supplement. Dr. Jonathan McLatchie holds a bachelor’s degree in forensic biology from the University of Strathclyde, a masters (M.Res) degree in evolutionary biology from the University of Glasgow, a second master’s degree in medical and molecular bioscience from Newcastle University, and a PhD in evolutionary biology from Newcastle University. Currently, McLatchie is an assistant professor of biology at Sattler College in Boston.