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Wesley J. Smith Asks, Is Your Body “Engineered”?

Photo credit: Braden Collum via Unsplash.

With host Wesley J. Smith, a new episode of the Humanize podcast explores the human body. Is your body “engineered” or did it evolve through impersonal and random processes over countless millions of years of natural selection? And what difference does the answer to that question make?

Wesley’s guests are the authors of Your Designed Body, the new book that explores the complexity of the human physical form, not just from a biological, but also, intriguingly, an engineering perspective. As the famous atheist proselytizer and biologist Richard Dawkins has written, “However many ways there may be to be alive, it is certain that there are vastly more ways of being dead…” In other words, as the authors note, “Life’s margin of error is small,” and requires an intricate, complex, and integrated systems to maintain life. These could not have arisen by mere chance, no matter the time allowed, but must have been engineered to accomplish such myriad and sophisticated tasks.

Whatever your views on how life came to be — whether by creation, intelligent design, or via random evolutionary forces — this is a fascinating and provocative conversation you will not want to miss. Download the podcast or listen to it here.

Steve Laufmann is a public speaker, author, computer scientist, and engineering consultant in the design of enterprise-class systems, with expertise in the difficulties of changing complex systems to perform new tasks. He was a founding member of the International Foundation for Cooperative Information Systems (IFCIS), and has published many juried papers and book chapters on information commerce and related topics. Several years ago, he began to apply his expertise to the study of living systems. He leads the Engineering Research Group at Discovery Institute.

Dr. Howard Glicksman is a primary care and hospice physician with more than forty years of practice in clinical and hospital settings. He is the author of The Designed Body series for Evolution News.