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Dallas Conference: What Does “The Science” Really Say about Faith?

Image source: Discovery Institute.

The credibility of “science” suffered a lot in the Covid era, with revelations about how scientists manipulated the media, and everyone else, to think that only a dope would hesitate about vaccines, mandates, or lockdowns. In the context of public health, the phrase “The science says” now rightly meets with vast skepticism.

Yet in another context — science and faith, and the idea that the two are at odds — the prestige of what “the science” has to say remains far more secure. How strange! Does the best science undermine, or confirm, what Stephen Meyer calls the God Hypothesis?

This year’s Dallas Conference on Science & Faith, February 17 and 18, will tackle that and other questions, with presentations on subjects that the Center for Science & Culture hasn’t explored before. What does archaeology tell us about the reliability of the Bible? What about the “science” that says our bodies are mere jumbles of errors? Or the transgender “science” that advises children to maim, instead of love, their bodies?

There’s a really interesting lineup of speakers: scholars you haven’t heard from before, set to discuss profound questions facing our culture, while star scientists from the world of intelligent design research will share their latest findings. 

Stephen Meyer and archaeologist Titus Kennedy will speak about “What the Science of Archaeology Reveals about the Historicity of Exodus.” Nancy Pearcey will explain “How Darwinism Fuels the Transgender Movement.” Andrew McDiarmid will tell “How to Glorify God in Your Family with Your Use of Social Media and Other Technologies.”

And more: Chemist James Tour on the origin of life, geologist Casey Luskin on new research about the “codes within codes” in the genome, systems engineer Steve Laufmann and physician Howard Glicksman on the ingenious design of the human body, apologist Frank Turek on science versus the scientists, and biologist Jonathan McLatchie on new evidence of irreducible complexity in the cell. 

Look here for a full schedule, where you’ll find information about registering for the event. We’ll look forward to seeing you in Dallas!