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Aeschliman on Three Great Authors Critiquing Scientism

Image: Blaise Pascal, Palace of Versailles, CC BY 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons.

On a classic episode of ID the Future, Andrew McDiarmid concludes a two-part conversation with Michael D. Aeschliman, author of the revised and expanded The Restoration of Man: C. S. Lewis and the Continuing Case Against Scientism. Here Aeschliman places Lewis among a strong line of thinkers critiquing scientism. These include the philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal, who showed that scientific knowledge on its own could never be sufficient for being fully human, as well as the theologian and physicist Stanley L. Jaki, who brilliantly integrated science and theology. Aeschliman’s list also includes the great English author Jonathan Swift, whose satirical work skewered the illusions of scientific reductionism. Download the podcast or listen to it here.