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Summer Seminars on ID Are FREE but Application Deadline Is Near

Photo source: Discovery Institute.

Last year’s Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design were a huge hit with those who participated (free!) at the Glen Eyrie Castle & Colorado Conference Center. We’ll be holding this year’s Seminars, June 26 to July 2, at the same magnificent locale. You need to apply NOW. 

The program is highly subsidized and intended for undergraduate and graduate students in the sciences and humanities. We’ll be sharing some comments from last year’s students in days to come. At the concluding feast, they shared, among other things, that the “spirit” of the seminars had given them “cognitive freedom” to think creatively about design in nature; one student said he was “blown away” by the generosity of Discovery Institute and its donors for making this opportunity free to students; one said he would call his wife at the end of each day to share the incredible things he’d learned. Another broke down in tears as she expressed her gratitude for the investment that DI was willing to make on her behalf.

Look here for more information, and an online application, for the Seminar on Intelligent Design in the Natural Sciences, and C. S. Lewis Fellows Program on Science and SocietyThe application deadline is April 1.