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Summers Seminars: A MUST if You’re Considering a Science Career; Applications Due April 1

Photo source: Discovery Institute.

We keep the identities of our Summer Seminar students confidential — since many past graduates are following an academic career path — but we can share with you some of their comments from last year’s emotional closing banquet. One student said he was shocked to find that the academic quality and content of this program was greater than that of many of his college courses and yet it cost him nothing. More than that, if you need it, we can subsidize travel.

A young woman said the program had renewed a sense of hope and joy in her life, in the midst of a bleak time in the world.

A young man commented that he rarely meets people his age who are capable of “sparring” intellectually, and that he is grateful to know he is not the only undergrad these days who is graduating with a countercultural perspective on biological origins and other fundamental life questions.

The Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design will run this year from June 26 to July 2 in the magnificent natural setting of the Glen Eyrie Castle & Colorado Conference Center. The instructors are the stars of the intelligent design research community. The students are a diverse mix of mostly undergrad and graduate students, plus a few professionals, teachers, and professors.

It’s a unique program — both challenging and uplifting. If you’re considering a career of scholarship in science or the humanities, and are open to thinking fresh thoughts about the origin of life and of biological complexity, the Summer Seminars on ID are a MUST.

But speaking of “must,” if you want to participate you need to get busy and apply now. Look here for more information, and an online application, for the Seminar on Intelligent Design in the Natural Sciences, and the C. S. Lewis Fellows Program on Science and SocietyThe application deadline is April 1.