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Summer Seminars in Colorado — A FREE Remedy for Cancel Culture; Applications Due April 1

Photo source: Discovery Institute.

In the current cancel culture, you can’t open your mouth to express a reasoned opinion without risking everything short of your life. The situation is bad in the media, but worse in academia. Proponents of intelligent design experienced this well before other did. Considering what to do in light of the threat to free speech, we launched the Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design. The application deadline for this year’s Seminars is April 1.

Running June 26 to July 2, the Seminars are FREE and we can even help with transportation costs to the spectacularly beautiful Glen Eyrie Castle & Colorado Conference Center. The instructors are the stars of the ID research community. The students — mostly undergrads and graduate students, plus a few professionals, teachers, and professors — are a remarkably diverse and interesting group. 

As one of our students last year said at the emotional concluding banquet, the Summer Seminars represent “science as it should be, rather than science as it is.” She was grateful to feel “safe” to explore fresh ideas about biological origins, and about the cultural consequences of those ideas. Very different from the oppressive atmosphere of many colleges and universities, here you can openly discuss the evidence for intelligent design without fear of being canceled.

This year’s instructors include Stephen Meyer, Michael Denton, Michael Behe, Michael Egnor, Wesley J. Smith, Jay Richards, Guillermo Gonzalez, Robert Marks, John West, Casey Luskin, and Brian Miller. For more information and an easy online application, go here for the Seminar on Intelligent Design in the Natural Sciences, and here for the C. S. Lewis Fellows Program on Science and Society. Do take note of that application deadline, however. April 1 is coming up fast!