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The Other Intelligent Designer(s)?

Image credit: Joe Wos, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons.

It is readily apparent that life itself, and human beings in particular, were designed by an intelligent mind. The digital information system found in every person’s genome, and all of the ramifications, are evidence enough. All of our complexities upon complexities upon complexities, portrayed vertically and laterally on graphs, could not have come about by accident over 4.54 billion years. And, notably everything reflects forethought. To say otherwise is to believe that the Emperor was wearing clothes. 

So, Who Did It? 

Who thought of a clotting cascade just in case there’s bleeding? Who thought of an antibody system? Besides God, one can only consider extraterrestrials. That is, even remotely. The latter group would need to have been technically more advanced than we are, by far. Perhaps, by a measure of a million or more years. Since the universe is known to be 13.6 billion years old, there might have been enough time for this to have happened. These ET individuals might reside on one of the six (“newest”) oldest galaxies recently discovered by the James Webb Space Telescope and discussed last month in the journal Nature. These galaxies came about 500-700 million years after the Big Bang.

If a very advanced civilization actually did create us, one might ask: Why bother? Was it for fun? Was it like climbing Mount Everest, because it’s there? Or, maybe we’re an experiment like watching elephants and snakes breed in a zoo. Might we live in a giant terrarium that was prepped with water, top soil, oxygen, and gravity? 

“To Serve Man”

My favorite explanation comes from a famous short story, “To Serve Man,” written in 1950 by Damon Knight (a deceased, famous, and good friend). Well known, it is one of the most memorable stories that ever appeared on Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone. Nine-foot-tall, humanoid pig aliens, called Kanamits, arrive by rocket and address the United Nations by mental telepathy. They came to help us and they gave us a very thick book titled To Serve Man. They claimed to have achieved cheap unlimited power, boundless supplies of food, and a device which disables all modern armies. Their book will help us achieve similar goals. This appeared to be one of the best things that ever happened to the human race.

As the story goes on, a scientist strives to decipher this book. She eventually figures out that the book was actually abounding with recipes. These were instructions on how to serve human beings, such as to bake, boil, or fry them, with or without garnishments. Visibly stressed, and knowing that time is very tight, she races off to stop a huge delegation of dignitaries from leaving Earth on a ten-year excursion to visit the Kanamits’ planet. But, she arrives one second after the nick of time.

Other questions might include: If we have alien creators, why haven’t they shown themselves to us? Without disguises, might they be too hideous for the steeliest of us to handle. Or, too smelly? Perhaps, they remain out of sight because of their huge size, like the Nephilim of the Bible? That, too, might be very scary. Or, perhaps they stay out of sight because they are so tiny and we might step on them. Might they be exquisitely sensitive to our bacteria as proposed in H. G. Wells’s classic sci-fi novel? All of these are plausible to science-fiction writers. Much less so to true scientists.

Already Among Us?

On the other hand, perhaps, they look and act like us, and they already live among us. Maybe they love beer and like to watch sports on the weekends. They may even vote. No way to tell for which party’s candidates, however.

Might they be watching our progress from UFOs or UAPs? In the year 2022 the Pentagon’s new office devoted to studying the subject received hundreds of reports of UFO sightings. Most were ultimately explained, but they are focusing on 171 cases which “appear to have demonstrated unusual flight characteristics or performance capabilities, and require further analysis.” 

Might they be our “parents,” or does this belong in the rubbish bin with the theory of evolution? If they should fly overhead, I have decided not to wave.