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God’s Grandeur: Some Resources to Explore

Photo credit: Diego PH via Unsplash.

The new book that I edited, God’s Grandeur: The Catholic Case for Intelligent Design, shows how fundamental philosophical issues, such as natural law, morality, consciousness, the universe’s intelligibility, human dignity, free will, the basis of reason, and the transcendentals — truth, beauty, and goodness — are all consistent with theism, while they cannot be explained by evolutionary processes. 

Yeah, well, not a surprise. Evolutionary thinking has broadly undermined these ideas in academia.

But how many people are willing to give up morality, rationality, free will, truth, beauty, and goodness as valuable concepts based on reality? Concepts they actually believe are true?

Just a Few

What if evolutionary thinking is not a complete answer? Yes, some things evolve readily, like bacterial resistance to antibiotics, or the colors on butterfly wings. But the first life, or where wings came from in the first place, can’t be explained by materialistic evolution. There are things or processes in the history of the universe and of life that are best explained as coming from an intelligent agent. Molecular machines, the genetic code, the origin of new body plans, and human origins are just a few. 

Scientific evidence shows the necessity of a creator, rather than evolutionary processes alone. This intelligent agent has characteristics that can only be explained by a being outside of the universe and time, with universe-building capabilities, and who exhibits amazing foresight and creativity: the Being that the three monotheistic religions call God.

For Non-Catholics, Too

Is this book worth reading if you are not Catholic? Yes. You will find that these themes are universal for all theists.

Does this idea of an intelligent agent sound impossible to you because you come from a materialist perspective? Try listening to two podcasts I recorded with Jay Richards:

Are you a theist but allergic to intelligent design? It may not be what you think it is. We have several chapters, podcasts, and an essay that explain what we mean.

Does this idea sound like something that makes sense? The same resources may help to strengthen your understanding of the issues involved.

Or if this is something you have never considered, take a look at God’s Grandeur. You might learn something worth knowing.