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Design Inference 2.0: FREE Webinar with Dembski and Ewert

Photo credit: David Coppedge.

On Thursday, January 25, join mathematician William Dembski and computer scientist Winston Ewert as they discuss the significance of their new book and answer your questions. 

Twenty-five years ago in The Design Inference, Dembski unveiled a rigorous scientific method for detecting intelligent design. Originally published by Cambridge University Press, Dembski’s landmark monograph sparked vigorous debate among scientists, scholars, and the public. In a dramatically expanded new edition, Dembski and co-author Winston Ewert now show how Dembski’s method of design detection has stood the test of time, and they demonstrate its applicability to biology, cosmology, and daily life.

This FREE webinar will take place on Zoom and does require registration. Don’t forget to mark your calendars! Look here for more information and a link to register.