What happens when a scientist flips from Darwin disciple to Darwin defector?

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What readers are saying:

  • “A very readable and engaging book”
  • “Convincing and presented in a very measured way”
  • “A nice balance between scientific, philosophical, and anecdotal approaches”
  • “Comprehensive and objective analysis that considers all the evidence-based alternatives”
  • “The author has succeeded well in demonstrating the woeful inadequacy of the neo-Darwinian paradigm”
  • “A valuable book, whatever your beliefs about the origin of life”

“Is nature all there is? What is the paradigm behind modern science? For most scientists it is absolute materialism,” says Dr. Matti Leisola. “Most scientists I know, never think about their basic assumptions or formulate them clearly in their minds. If you challenge the materialistic assumption, the reactions are sometimes strong. That is the theme of my book.”

Here is the story of Leisola’s adventures making waves — and many friends and enemies — at major research labs and universities across Europe. The book draws on Leisola’s expertise in molecular biology to show how the evidence points more strongly than ever to a designing intelligence behind life, the universe and everything.

Heretic delivers a challenge for readers to follow the evidence where it leads, have an open mind towards this honest interpretation of that evidence.


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Matti Leisola, DSc, is co-author of Heretic: One Scientist’s Journey from Darwin to Design. The former dean of Chemistry and Material Sciences at Helsinki University of Technology, Leisola has published 140 peer-reviewed articles and served as biotech research director for Cultor, an international biotech company. He co-founded the International Society of Rare Sugars.