Plantinga on Dover and Intelligent Design

Alvin Plantinga, one of the world’s leading philosophers, asks: Suppose I claim all Democrats belong in jail. One might ask: Could I advance the discussion by just defining the word “Democrat” to mean “convicted felon”? If you defined “Republican” to mean “unmitigated scoundrel,” should Republicans everywhere hang their heads in shame? What’s his point? Ultimately, […]

Shelving the Book of Nature: An Unorthodox Critique of Intelligent Design

In a recent and now syndicated Los Angeles Times piece, former Episcopal priest Garret Keizer argues that the theory of intelligent design is not only bad science but also bad religion, since it supposedly valorizes science over religious and aesthetic ways of knowing, and attempts to substitute reason for Christian faith. The argument, an increasingly common one, misrepresents both orthodox Christian theology and intelligent design, a point I make in the most recent issue of Touchstone.

Intelligent Design Roundup: Toward a Darwinist Theocracy

Many of the most vocal defenders of Darwinism aren’t behaving like dispassionate scientists, secure in the truth of their theory and, therefore, unruffled when others put forward an opposing scientific theory of life’s origin. They’re behaving as if ID theorists have touched a nerve. Three recent essays treat the subject incisively.